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Conflict Coaching

Set Goals, Achieve Results, Create a Better Future

Conflict Coaching - also known as Conflict Management Coaching - is a process in which a trained coach works with an individual one-on-one to help that individual improve the way they manage conflict and address disputes. Most often applied to the workplace, it can be used for any sort of interpersonal conflict.

As your coach, I will help you identify your conflict management goals, analyze a specific conflict and/or your general approach to conflict, decide what action(s) you wish to take, prepare for challenges you may face, and integrate new ways of being into your life. All along the way, I will stand by your side as you grow in conflict competency.

In private coaching sessions, YOU will:

  • Explore and set goals.

  • Share what is important to you.

  • Try out new approaches to conflict.

  • Be responsible for your decisions and actions.

  • Provide updates and feedback.

I will:


  • Ask key questions.

  • Listen in a nonjudgmental manner.

  • Refrain from telling you what to do.

  • Guide you through a process that has proven effective in helping individuals manage and prevent disputes.

  • Provide input.

  • Affirm your efforts.

  • Maintain confidentiality (within the limits of the law).

I believe in the power of coaching and the need for all of us to address the conflicts in our lives in our own unique ways.

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